22 May 2017


Exhibition coming up in Hertford. Worth seeing.


Caroline Bartlett, Flea Cooke, Anita Ford, Alfred Huckett, Esther Wragg & Stephen Wragg
6th June – 1st July 2017, Courtyard Arts Gallery, Port Vale, Hertford SG14 3AA
Open 10-4 Tues - Sat
Six artists explore a vocabulary of marks through their work using paper, wood and fabric, each telling their own story.
This exhibition showcases recent work by a group of artists living and working in Hertfordshire and North London with wide experience in their individual creative fields.
One thing that draws them together is creative exploration through process, as well as a desire to express personal ideas and concepts within their individual art practices.
Sharing a love of texture and mark-making, the work explores a wide variety of media including painting, silkscreen, mono-print, stitched textiles and 2 and 3D mixed media.

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