The Faces

These faces just happen. I enjoy doing them, don't know where they come from, they are visitors in my head. Acrylic, graphite and white paint.

Face 1. The man

Face 2. Heather?

It was a shock when I realised that this face echoed that of my stepmother. She died a couple of years ago and I didn't know I was thinking of her.

Face 3. The boy

There's a yearning here, a need.

Face 4. Katherine Parr

In the National Portrait Gallery London, attributed to Master John, it's oil on panel, 1545. I love this portrait, the hands as much as the face. This is a detail. When you see the whole painting, marvel at the painting of the fabric.

Face 5. The tired individual

Eyes closed, been working hard.

Face 6. The lady with the hat

Quietly considering her options

Face 7. The crying lady

      I haven't met her recently

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