2 April 2017

Work for the Courtyard Gallery Exhibition 6th June - 1st July 2017

I will be choosing from these series of silkscreen monoprints, work which will be included in the forthcoming exhibition at the Courtyard gallery in Hertford. The show will be called 'Making Marks' and will be a group exhibition with CarolineBartlett, Flea Cook, Esther Wragg, Steve Wragg, Alfred Huckett and myself. The exhibition runs from 6th June - 1st July 2017.

The works 'No matter', 'A Constant Variation' and 'At the End of the Day' allude to difficulty in communication, the struggle to make sense of a conversation when you can't hear all of it. A combination of frustration, concentration and achievement.

The series 'It's There when you Need It' refers to that spark within us all that can be called upon during times of adversity, the inner resource that can give you strength, available if you choose to summon it.

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