7 July 2015

Early Work 1975 - 78

The term finished at Camden Institute and I had to make choices. It seemed to me that I would fare better living off my work in Italy than in London, but at the same time was reluctant to burn my boats by giving up my bedsit in Kentish Town which cost me all of £5 a week. I paid a years rent on the bedsit and set off to Italy finally settling in Verona. 
It was a checkered time, both frighteningly hard (setting of to Milan with a portfolio of prints to try and make some money having only enough lira for a single fare, and no idea how I would get back should I fail) and exhilarating (returning from that same trip with my pockets stuffed full of money and subsequently being invited to show in two exhibitions). I ended up living a stroboscopic life between the London bedsit and the flat in Verona, a lifestyle halted when offered a teaching post in screenprinting at the Camden Institute which I took and so settled in London.

Though screenprinting had become my obsession, I didn’t abandon painting which referenced the the ideas which were developed into prints. During this time a more obvious allusion to landscape developed (it was there all the time really in an abstruse fashion) which combined with the cryptic geometry of previous work.

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