28 September 2017

Hidden Messages Exhibition

Everyone has struggle of one sort or another in their life, and we all deal with it differently whether it be catastrophic or minimal. I deal with my personal adversities (and my joys) through my art with the knowledge that there will be others who will relate to similar issues but may not necessarily have the means to express themselves.

In the exhibition ‘Hidden Messages’ which I will be sharing with Alfred Huckett at the Menier Gallery, I have focussed on two main issues, deafness and cancer, both of which are part of my life. This does not mean that my work is full of gloom and doom, though it can be a bit confronting at times because engagement is how best I deal with misfortune. I enjoy challenging my situation with a mixture of displeasure, some indignation and a quite a bit of grim humour.

A Composite of work

               Anita                             Alfred                         Anita             Alfred

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