19 August 2015

Bike Cut Up by…….Ford 2002

This was a weird one.

I was invited to submit a work to an exhibition curated and promoted by Howies, the cyclist's clothes shop. The title of the exhibition was 'Bike Cut Up by' and all the invited artists had the name or initials of different cars……….so my bike was cut up by Ford. Another bike was cut up by Takashi Suzuki, etc. etc.. I thought it sounded like fun to do. The exhibition did have a serious message which was to bring to the publics attention the amount of cycle deaths and injuries caused by inconsiderate driving. Not much has changed there then. 

I enjoyed doing the work and perhaps was naive in thinking that the pristine white paperwork I delivered would be lovingly cared for at least until after the exhibition. It was seriously damaged even by the time it was photographed for the rather nice catalogue, so 'ghost bikes' on a field of pure white was only seen by me and the person I handed it to. What was exhibited was bikes on crumpled dog eared paper. That wasn't the intention, though it may have been the flavour of the exhibition. Artwork Cut Up by………..?

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